Lulu High School engages its students in different clubs to motivate them and help them be self-confident.

We have:-

  • Environmental club:- clean up activities within the school and outside, planting of trees.
  • Scouts club:- They participate in camping activities and  school functions.
  • Red cross club:- They participate in first aid, HIV/AIDS awareness programs, donation of blood and assisting those in need.
  • Drama club:- Engage students in plays, poem recitation, coral verses etc. They participated upto the Provincial level this year.
  • Science club:- Engage students in various projects, participated in science congress in 2011 upto National level.
  • German club:- They participated in German cultural festival in 2011 and achieved an award for the best Costume design.
  • Christian Union club:- They participate in Christian rallies, visiting the orphans and guiding the students religiously.

Lulu High School keeps its students and staff active by involving them in different sports activities like football, volleyball, basketball and swimming.

We have events such as Meka-tornaments , swimming galla. There are competitions within and with other schools.